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28 Januar 2019
Dear ETH holders in Elipay,

The Ethereum Network is currently planning a system upgrade. It will take place on 28 February 2019 at approximately 20.45 CET (depending on the timing of block number 7.280.000). More information:

You can also view the exact time of the upgrade here.

The Eligma technical team is ready for these developments and making sure that your funds are kept safe in the transition. For security reasons, the following stabilization measures will be put in place for a short period after the upgrade:

  • no transactions (payments, transfers, withdrawals, deposits) will be possible with ETH and ELI
  • the balance in ETH and ELI will not be visible.
The transactions with the other two currencies (BTC, BCH) will take place normally. We expect the stabilization period to be quite short.

We will keep you informed of all new developments as soon as they arise, and remain committed to our vision of offering you high-level crypto shopping service. The safety of your assets and your trust are our highest priorities.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support[at]

Best regards,
The Eligma Team